November 14, 2011
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Hello and welcome to the oldest, largest and frankly the best root beer reviewing site in the world! over 625 brands reviewed so far! i also throw in birch beer and sarsaparilla reviews occasionally while i am at it since to me, they are the same genre. once in a while i even detour into other branches of the root beer tree, such as spruce beer, dandelion & burdock and the like. a new review publishes every week on Monday with the random post or review of root beer related stuff every once in a while. feel free to submit your own ratings, check out the rankings from me and other visitors, see what sodas are available near you and more. make a float, tap a keg or mix some extract up and enjoy!

anthony (me) started reviewing root beer related drinks in '96 but has always loved the delicious joy of root beer and birch beer and just kept it going ever since. if you have any suggestions of features you'd like to see or sodas you want reviewed, let me know!


Doggone Good Soda Root Beer

July 25, 2016
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle, 20oz glass bottle
Available: CA Obtained in: trade with Sagi
Head: Small Sweetener: sucrose
Calories: 120 Sodium: 27mg
Carbs: 30g Sugar: 29g
Caffeine: No
Website: http://doggonegoodsoda.com

the super awesome, kind and generous Sagi told me about this one and even offered to get me a bottle of it and their sarsaparilla. it costs a pretty penny but he was up for it and told me how amazing it was. i am not one to arguing with people sending me any root beers or birch beers or whatever, and especially not when they assure me they are delicious. but i will be the judge of that in this case!
so the bottle is awesome. i always love the ceramic pop top style bottles and the wax seal really adds another whole level of awesomeness in the presentation. there is no label either, just a tag attached to each bottle with jute twine with ingredients and company info. that is a very unusual tactic to take but i like it as well. it definitely adds to the "small brewer" feel to it as that seems like it all takes time to produce and assemble.
so how does it taste? well, i'll try it and find out! although it is not as unique as I had hoped it would it, it is indeed a very good soda. it is pretty sweet with a heavy cinnamon taste alongside the sassafras taste. it is a soda that you sit back and take note of but not one that will grab your attention completely. if you do pause those to pay attention you notice the complexity of it. it starts off a bit rooty tasting but then develops that cinnamon feel as the sweetness kicks in more, that then fades to a more mellow, smooth creamy taste. i do quite like it but it is not quite in the upper echelon of root beers.
Ingredients:carbonated water, sucrose syrup, sodium benzoate, citric acid, and natural and artificial flavor.

Anthony's Rating: 93
User's Rating: 0
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Live Kombucha Soda Revive Rootbeer

July 18, 2016
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: everywhere Obtained in: Target
Head: Small Sweetener: evaporated cane juice, stevia
Calories: 60 Sodium: 0mg
Carbs: 14g Sugar: 14g
Caffeine: No
Website: http://livesodakombucha.com

i have only had one or two kombuchas in my life and they were vile to put it mildly. the fact that Target carries this makes me think either 1. it might taste ok or 2. kombucha is way too popular and people are too brainwashed into thinking this stuff is decent. i get the supposed, touted benefits, they sound wonderful, but my taste buds have to be conquered and my stomach must be willing to keep it inside for that stuff to work anyway.
this is not the worst thing i have had, i will grant them that after the fist sip. it has little to no detectable connection to root beer though. it really really looks like urine as well which is quite a hurdle to get over. it tastes like a weird, kind of sweaty tasting tea with carbonation and then the harsh aftertaste of stevia. i wish i could get behind stevia, but it tastes as bad as the artificial sweeteners. plus this is also not really sweet at all, which is not the point i know, but something i enjoy anyway. i have made it sound worse than it is i think. it is ok really. it's hard to rate this. i mean, it is ok as a drink but not good in flavor. the claimed health benefits do give it a boost but they don't make it good. i mean, i wouldn't chose to get this again unless directed to do so because of some aliment. it is the best kombucha i have had, which is like being the red-est apple, who cares?
Ingredients:organic raw kombucha (organic fair trade certified tea, organic fair trade certified evaporated cane juice and organic kombucha culture fermented in purified water), natural flavors, organic stevia extract (natural sweetener)

Anthony's Rating: 55
User's Rating: 0
# of ratings:0

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Keuka Brewing Co. Red Barrel Root Beer

July 11, 2016
Filed under: root beers — anthony @ 5:00 am
Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle, On Tap
Available: NY Obtained in: trade with Brad
Head: Huge Sweetener: cane sugar
Caffeine: No
Website: http://www.keukabrewingcompany.com

I didn't realize this brewery bottled their root beer until I saw it from Brad. so kudos to him on finding another bottle to add to the list! the label has me neither excited or hesitant to try it. there is some sort of bare foot hillbilly guy perhaps doing a dance or running away while holding a jug of what appears to be poison in front of a very very large barrel which is not red but just a brown wooden looking thing. that is all fine, whatever. i would think there would be some sort of red barrel involvement here but it is not my label to design.
the ingredients have me intrigued but slightly more interested than turned away. vanilla bean, clove, ginger, cinnamon are all great things. malt extract is not. at least in my limited experience, i have yet to have a soda I enjoyed with malt extract. it is not a taste i like.
so popping this open, it immediately fizzed over and the head remained tall in the bottle. ok, not a problem, i had an eye on it so no mess was made. then i tried it. i'd rather not have, to put it bluntly. it is a super fizzy, harsh, very malty mess. i sense none of the ginger, vanilla, clove or cinnamon in here. the malt just takes over and the carbonation just burns. it is not sweet at all either. this is not good in much of any way, i am sorry to say. I can't even make it through a whole bottle. I did want to like it and I hope they find people who do enjoy it but I don't think it will appeal to kids, perhaps people who are designated drivers and enjoy malty tasting things?
Ingredients:water, cane sugar, caramel color, gum acacia, citric acid, and natural quillaia extract, malt extract, vanilla bean, ginger, clove, cinnamon. preserved with sorbic acid and sodium benzoate

Anthony's Rating: 26
User's Rating: 0
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Hummingbird Hill Birch Root Beer

July 4, 2016
Filed under: birch beers — anthony @ 5:00 am
Type: Brown Birch Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: WA Obtained in: trade with Eric
Head: Tiny Sweetener: sugar
Calories: 150 Sodium: 5mg
Carbs: 36g Sugar: 36g
Caffeine: No
Website: http://hummingbirdhillsoda.com/

so here is the third and final piece of the trinity of sodas from Hummingbird Hill. i am slightly unsure if i should classify this as a birch beer or a root beer. i know grammatically it is a birch root beer, just like a "chocolate root beer" is a root beer, not a chocolate beer. but they already make a root beer. granted they could make several types and if they had a butterscotch root beer or cinnamon root beer i would not even think about it. but here i am going with birch beer, tough luck grammar!
judging by the other two sodas of theirs i have had, this could be great or awful, i hope for great. let's find out, shall we…
oh, that smells like a birch beer so I am justified in my classification. sort of.
again there is virtually no carbonation. strange. i am ok with that but some foam would be nice. it is very wintergreen. VERY, see i capitalized for emphasis. i don't capitalize much so it must mean something. yes, it really tastes like those wint-o-green lifesavers a lot. i enjoy that taste for sure, but i think they do it a little too much. i could stand for it to be backed down a bit. this is a solid birch beer though even with the excessive birch. it has that great balance of wintergreen kick, sugary sweetness and rooty backend. it does not break ground but that is just fine. it works and does the birch thing well.
Ingredients:carbonated water, sugar, natural and imitation flavors, caramel, vanilla, citric acid

Anthony's Rating: 86
User's Rating: 0
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