Mt Tom Beverage Co Rollie’s Root Beer

January 12, 2005
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: CT, MA

Obtained in: in MA by Mikey BaggaDonuts
Head: Large Sweetener: cane sugar, honey, maple syrup
Caffeine: No

i had been planning on trying to obtain some of this stuff next time i went up to Massachusetts, but then my friend Mike brought me a bottle of it. this is quite interesting i must say. spicy in the way a ginger beer is spicy. in fact i would probably guess it was a ginger beer if this were a blind taste test. which is not to say it is bad at all. just actually different than any other root beer i have had. and that is saying something when i have had 285 other root beer type beverages! it is kind of refreshing actually. i meant that in the drink sort of way in that it is sort of light but with a solid taste, but it also applies in the mental way of it being refreshing to find something different. the closest thing I can recall tasting similiar is Shotz. i can’t really taste the maple syrup but there is a little bit of a honey taste and a hint of cane sugar kick. a great root beer. good job Mt Tom Beverage Co / Papercity Brewery!

Anthony’s Rating: 92
User’s Rating: 89
# of ratings:14

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sonya pike Says:

Hello,We just went to dinner at Munich haus in Chicopee ma 5/20/12 and ordered your Rollies Root Beer,with our dinner,we loved it!Now im in your web sight and would love to order a case of 12oz bottles. Is that possible? Or were else would i be able to purchase this root beer? Thank you Sonya Pike

anthony Says:

i just reviewed it, i don't make it, sorry. good luck though!

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