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Chautauqua Root Beer

so i am almost through with the sodas i obtained in my recent trade with Jon. well, ok, maybe i have 3 left, that is a lot. i thought for a bit that this might be my last one but no, it is not. so never mind.
the presentation on this soda is very nice. very good use of color, pretty good fonts and a naked girl with a headband and heels wearing a barrel holding a foaming mug and a bottle, what more could one want from their soda? ok, the girl thing is kind of random but i do mean it that i like their design otherwise.
no one seems quite sure if this drink is still being made or not. there is no mention of it on their website and they have not answered my emails. perhaps no day that mystery will be solved.
i certainly do hope it is still being made though, after tasting it. there is a definitely cinnamon flavor to it that i am very much enjoying. i mean the brown cinnamon, like you put on toast, not the red cinnamon, like Big Red. the taste of this root beer stands out to me, i can’t recall any others that have this much cinnamon flavor while still being very recognizable as root beer. it is very rare indeed that i find root beers i really love and which i would order a case of in a heartbeat, but i would do that for both this and the RugRat root beer of last week. i may just have to go to this “Lakewood, NY” place myself and investigate!

Anthony’s Rating: 95
User’s Rating: 100
# of ratings:3

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: NY

Obtained in: trade with Jon
Head: Large Sweetener: cane sugar
Caffeine: No

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