help needed! vaguely root beer related!

August 16, 2011
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zumba root beer!so we all have stuff we do and like besides root beer, right? right! yes. i for one, bike, run, compete in duathlons, teach Spinning, off and on collect PEZ and visit Muffler Men as well as raise my two amazing daughters among other things.
now my awesome wife teaches at a school for kids with special needs, mainly cerebral palsy and loves it. AND (the important part) she teaches Zumba, after which she loves to raid my root beer supply and refuel until she cools down (ooo! there IS a root beer connection!) she combined these two interests by making a video with her co-workers from her zumba classes and entered a contest on facebook which we very much need your help to at least get in the top 10 of! so if this site has ever helped you or made you smile and you are on facebook, please take 10 seconds out of your day and follow this link and vote for her video. she shot, starred in and edited it all herself. while enjoying many bottles of root and birch beer i might add! =) i appreciate it very much and promise to get back to the regularly scheduled root beer news shortly. well, every 10 days at least.

thanks all so much! if we win or get to the top 10 even, i will run some awesome contests with lots of root beer prizes!


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