Sodas available in Arizona:

Brew (my review links) Main Location Company Website
365 All Natural Root Beer Soda
365 Root Beer
Whole Foods 365
Abita Root Beer
Abita Root Beer – old
Abita Springs, LA Abita
Albertson’s A+ Root Beer Old Fashioned Soda
Albertson’s store brand Albertson’s
Alco Select Brown Barrel Original Root Beer
Alco store brand Alco
Americana Microcrafted Cream Style Root Beer
Americana Root Beer
Mukiteo, WA Americana
•Atomic 29 Grill
1910 S. Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ Atomic 29 Grill
BJ’s Brewhouse Handcrafted Root Beer
BJ’s Brewhouse Root Beer
Temple, TX BJ’s Brewhouse
Boylan’s Cane Sugar Birch Beer
Boylan’s Cane Sugar Creamy Red Birch Beer
Boylan’s Cane Sugar Root Beer
Boylan’s Creamy Red Birch Beer
Boylan’s Diet Birch Beer
Boylan’s Diet Root Beer
Boylan’s Diet Root Beer – old
Boylan’s Natural Root Beer
Boylan’s Original Birch Beer
Boylan’s Root Beer
New York, NY Boylan’s
Bulldog Handcrafted Root Beer
Bulldog Root Beer
Mukiteo, CA Bulldog
Cider Mill Soda Co Rootin Tootin Diet Root Beer
Cider Mill Soda Co Rootin Tootin Root Beer
Scottsdale, AZ Cider Mill Soda Co
Clover Valley Root Beer
Goodlettsville, TN Clover Valley
Crazy Ed’s Sarsaparilla
Cave Creek, AZ
•Culver’s Root Beer
Culver’s Restaurants Culver’s
•Darrels Root Beer Stand Root Beer
1001 N Williamson Ave, Winslow, AZ
Dr Tima’s Honey Root Beer
Los Angeles, CA area
•Fate Brewing Co Root Beer
7337 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ
Fiesta Root Beer
Chandler, AZ Fiesta
Gordon Biersch Root Beer
Gordon Biersch restuarants Gordon Biersch
Hansen’s Creamy Diet Root Beer
Hansen’s Natural Creamy Root Beer
Hansen’s Natural Creamy Root Beer – old
Hansen’s Signature All Natural Sarsaprilla Soda
Corona, CA Hansen’s
Henry Weinhard Premium Draught Style Head Root Beer
Hood River, OR Henry Weinhard
IGA Store Root Beer
IGA store brand IGA Store
J.J. Lazlo’s Real Draft Root Beer
AZ J.J. Lazlo’s
Jason’s Deli Root Beer
Beaumont, TX Jason’s Deli
•Joe’s Real Barbecue Root Beer
301 N. Gilbert Rd., Gilbert, AZ Joe’s Real Barbecue
•Joe’s Real BBQ Root Beer
301 N Gilbert Road, Gilbert, AZ 85234 Joe’s Real BBQ
Mother Road Route 66 Root Beer
Chicago, IL
Mr. D’z Route 66 Root Beer
Cave Creek, AZ; Kingman, AZ
NM Sarsaparilla Billy the Kid Sarsaparilla
NM Sarsaparilla Pat Garrett Diet Sarsaparilla
Rio Rancho, NM NM Sarsaparilla
•Old Bisbee Brewing Co Extra Special Root Beer
200 Review Alley, Bisbee, Arizona 85603 Old Bisbee Brewing Co
Oogave Agave Root Beer
Oogave Esteban’s Rootbeer
Oogave Esteban’s Rootbeer – old formula
Oogave Organic Sarsaparilla
Denver, CO Oogave
Rock Bottom Brewery Root Beer
Rock Bottom Brewery
Rocket Fizz Boosted Root Beer
Rocket Fizz Dad-Gum-it! Rootbeer Butterscotch
Rocket Fizz Double Barrel Root Beer
Rocket Fizz Gene Autry Root Beer
Rocket Fizz Gold Mine Sarsaparilla
Rocket Fizz Joby Joe’s Root Beer Float
Rocket Fizz Labrador Soda Root Beer Butterscotch
Rocket Fizz Root Beer Float
Rocket Fizz Three Stooges Wise Guy Root Beer
Rocket Fizz Tyler the Kid Sarsaparilla
Camarillo, CA Rocket Fizz
Root Naturals Apothecary Craft Soda Root Beer
Cincinnati, OH Root Naturals
Route Beer 66
Wilmington, IL Route Beer 66
Safeway Select Root Beer
Safeway Signature Select Root Beer
Pleasanton, CA Safeway
Save-A-Lot Tubz Diet Rootbeer
Save-A-Lot Tubz Root Beer
Save-A-Lot store brand Save-A-Lot
Sonoma Syrup Co Root Beer Soda Syrup
Sonoma, CA Sonoma Syrup Co
Sonora Brewing Company Root Beer
Phoenix AZ Sonora Brewing Company
•Sun Up Brewing Co Root Beer
322 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85012 Sun Up Brewing Co
Supervalu Super Chill Root Beer
Supervalu Wild Harvest Root Beer
Eden Prarie, MN Supervalu
Swamp Pop File Root Beer
Lafayette, LA Swamp Pop
Thomas Kemper Pure Draft Root Beer
Thomas Kemper Purely Natural Root Beer
Thomas Kemper Root Beer Cane Sugar Soda
Portland, OR Thomas Kemper
Trader Joe’s Organic Root Beer
Trader Joe’s Premium Draught Style Root Beer
Trader Joe’s Vintage Root Beer
Trader Joe’s store brand Trader Joe’s
Villa Pizza Root Beer
by Ola Company, Fort Plain, NY Villa Pizza
Way 2 Cool Natural Root Beer
Way 2 Cool Root Beer
Carrizozo, NM
Way 2 Cool Natural Root Beer
Way 2 Cool Root Beer
Moriarty, NM

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  1. JPMac says:

    Sam’s Club RB isn’t here. I got some at a Wal-mart,$5 for a dozen cans. The stuff is foul, I’d say two parts crappy syrup, 6 parts soda water, 2 parts the contents of an ashtray.

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