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December 4, 2007
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Sodas available in New Mexico:

Brew (my review links) Main Location Company Website
365 All Natural Root Beer Soda
Whole Foods 365
Albertson’s A+ Root Beer Old Fashioned Soda
Albertson’s store brand Albertson’s
Alco Select Brown Barrel Original Root Beer
Alco store brand Alco
Always Save Root Beer
Kansas City, KS Always Save
•BJ’s Brewhouse Root Beer
BJ’s Brewhouse locations BJ’s Brewhouse
•Blue Corn Cafe Root Beer
Albuquerque, NM; Santa Fe, NM
Boylan’s Creamy Red Birch Beer
Boylan’s Diet Birch Beer
Boylan’s Diet Root Beer
Boylan’s Natural Root Beer
Boylan’s Original Birch Beer
Boylan’s Root Beer
Moonachie, NJ Boylan’s
Bulldog Handcrafted Root Beer
Fresno, CA Bulldog
Clover Valley Root Beer
Goodlettsville, TN Clover Valley
Hansen’s Creamy Diet Root Beer
Hansen’s Natural Creamy Root Beer
Hansen’s Signature All Natural Sarsaprilla Soda
Corona, CA Hansen’s
•High Desert Brewing Co Root Beer
Las Cruces, NM High Desert Brewing Co
•Il Vicino Brewing Co Root Beer
Albuquerque, NM Il Vicino Brewing Co
•Jason’s Deli Root Beer
Beaumont, TX Jason’s Deli
•Kellys Brewery Root Beer
Albuquerque, NM Kellys Brewery
Maine Root. Handcrafted Rootbeer
Maine Root. Organic Sarsaparilla
Portland, ME Maine Root.
•Oogave Agave Root Beer
Oogave Esteban’s Rootbeer
Oogave Esteban’s Rootbeer – old formula
Denver, CO Oogave
•Red Foil Root Beer
Santa Fe, NM
•Route 66 Malt Shop Root Beer
Albuquerque, NM Route 66 Malt Shop
Route Beer 66
Wilmington, IL Route Beer 66
Save-A-Lot Tubz Diet Rootbeer
Save-A-Lot Tubz Root Beer
Save-A-Lot store brand Save-A-Lot
Supervalu Super Chill Root Beer
Supervalu Wild Harvest Root Beer
Eden Prarie, MN Supervalu
•Swamp Pop File Root Beer
LA somewhere Swamp Pop
•Turtle Mountain Brewing Co Root Beer
Rio Rancho, NM Turtle Mountain Brewing Co
Villa Pizza Root Beer
by Ola Company, Fort Plain, NY Villa Pizza
Way 2 Cool Natural Root Beer
Carrizozo, NM
•Wellhead Root Beer
332 West Main St, Artesia, NM Wellhead
•Zea Root Beer
Zea Restaurant locations Zea


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JPMac Says:

Sam's Club RB isn't here. I got some at a Wal-mart,$5 for a dozen cans. The stuff is foul, I'd say two parts crappy syrup, 6 parts soda water, 2 parts the contents of an ashtray.