Sodas available in Oklahoma:

Brew (my review links) Main Location Company Website
Abita Root Beer
Abita Springs, LA Abita
AJ Stephans Butterscotch Root Beer
AJ Stephans Old Style Root Beer
AJ Stephans Olde Style Sarsaparilla
AJ Stephans Pure Cane Sugar Birch Beer
AJ Stephans Pure Cane Sugar Root Beer
AJ Stephans Pure Cane Sugar Sarsaparilla
Orange, MA AJ Stephans
Albertson’s A+ Root Beer Old Fashioned Soda
Albertson’s store brand Albertson’s
Alco Select Brown Barrel Original Root Beer
Alco store brand Alco
Always Save Root Beer
Kansas City, KS Always Save
Americana Microcrafted Cream Style Root Beer
•Americana Root Beer
Mukiteo, WA Americana
Barrel Brothers Creamy Vanilla Root Beer
Barrel Brothers Root Beer
Salt Lake City, UT Barrel Brothers
Berghoff Diet Rootbeer
Berghoff Draft Style Rootbeer
Berghoff Rootbeer – old recipe
Chicago, IL
Best Choice Root Beer
some store brand
BJ’s Brewhouse Root Beer
BJ’s Brewhouse locations BJ’s Brewhouse
Boylan’s Cane Sugar Creamy Red Birch Beer
Boylan’s Cane Sugar Root Beer
Boylan’s Creamy Red Birch Beer
Boylan’s Diet Birch Beer
Boylan’s Diet Root Beer
Boylan’s Natural Root Beer
Boylan’s Original Birch Beer
Boylan’s Root Beer
Moonachie, NJ Boylan’s
Braum’s Root Beer
Tuttle, OK Braum’s
Briar’s Cane Sugar Premium Red Birch Beer
Briar’s Cane Sugar Premium Root Beer
Briar’s Diet Birch Beer
Briar’s Diet Root Beer
Briar’s Premium Birch Beer
Briar’s Premium Root Beer
Briar’s Red Birch Beer
Briar’s Six Gun Sarsaparilla
North Brunswick, NJ Briar’s
Bulldog Handcrafted Root Beer
Bulldog Root Beer
Fresno, CA Bulldog
Bulldog Handcrafted Root Beer
Bulldog Root Beer
Mukiteo, CA Bulldog
Capt’n Eli’s Root Beer
Portland, ME Capt’n Eli’s
Cherry Republic Cherry Root Bear
Cherry Republic Sprecher Boom Chugga Lugga Cherry Root Beer
Glen Arbor, MI Cherry Republic
Clover Valley Root Beer
Goodlettsville, TN Clover Valley
•Coits Drive In Root Beer
2500 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK
•Coney Hut Root Beer
Tulsa, OK
Cool Mountain Chicago Rootbeer Draft Style
Cool Mountain Chicago Rootbeer Fountain Classic
Cool Mountain Gourmet Soda Diet Root Beer
Cool Mountain Gourmet Soda Root Beer
Chicago, IL Cool Mountain
Dog n Suds Draft Style Root Beer
Dog n Suds Drive-in Style Root Beer
Dog n Suds Sugar Free Root Beer
Chicago, IL Dog n Suds
Dog n Suds Draft Style Root Beer
Dog n Suds Drive-in Style Root Beer
Dog n Suds Sugar Free Root Beer
Lafayette, IN Dog n Suds
Filbert’s Old Time Quality Diet Root Beer
Filbert’s Olde Time Quality Draft Root Beer
Chicago, IL
Fitz’s Diet Premium Micro-Brewed Root Beer
Fitz’s Root Beer
St Louis, MO Fitz’s
Frostie Diet Root Beer
Frostie Root Beer
Frostie Vanilla Root Beer
Temple, TX Frostie
Gale’s Root Beer
Riverwoods, IL Gale’s
Gray’s Great American Diet Root Beer
Gray’s Great American Root Beer
Jansville, WI Gray’s
Hansen’s Creamy Diet Root Beer
Hansen’s Natural Creamy Root Beer
Hansen’s Natural Creamy Root Beer – old
Hansen’s Signature All Natural Sarsaprilla Soda
Corona, CA Hansen’s
Henry Weinhard Premium Draught Style Head Root Beer
Hood River, OR Henry Weinhard
IGA Store Root Beer
IGA store brand IGA Store
Jack Black’s Dead Red Root Beer
CA somewhere
Jackson Hole Soda Company Buckin’ Rootbeer
Jackson Hole Soda Company Snake River Sarsaparilla
Jackson, WY Jackson Hole Soda Company
•Jason’s Deli Root Beer
Beaumont, TX Jason’s Deli
Kutztown Diet Birch Beer
Kutztown Red Birch Beer
Kutztown Root Beer
Kutztown Sarsaparilla
Kutztown White Birch Beer
Kutztown, PA Kutztown
Maine Root. Handcrafted Rootbeer
Maine Root. Organic Sarsaparilla
Portland, ME Maine Root.
Mason’s Root Beer
Torrance, CA Mason’s
•Monterey Bay Root Beer
Monterey Bay, CA?
NM Sarsaparilla Billy the Kid Sarsaparilla
NM Sarsaparilla Pat Garrett Diet Sarsaparilla
Rio Rancho, NM NM Sarsaparilla
Olde Brooklyn Bayridge Birch Beer
Olde Brooklyn Diet Williamsburg Root Beer
Olde Brooklyn Williamsburg Root Beer
Olde Brooklyn Williamsburg Root Beer – old recipe
Brooklyn, NY
Oogave Agave Root Beer
Oogave Esteban’s Rootbeer
Oogave Esteban’s Rootbeer – old formula
Oogave Organic Sarsaparilla
Denver, CO Oogave
Pearson Bros. Root Beer
San Francisco, CA
Root Naturals Apothecary Craft Soda Root Beer
Cincinnati, OH Root Naturals
Round Barn Root Beer
660 Route 66, Arcadia, OK Round Barn
Route Beer 66
Wilmington, IL Route Beer 66
Save-A-Lot Tubz Diet Rootbeer
Save-A-Lot Tubz Root Beer
Save-A-Lot store brand Save-A-Lot
Sea Dog Root Beer
Bangor, ME Sea Dog
Skeleteen’s Rat Bastard Root Beer
Los Angeles, CA
•Soda Steve’s Root Beer
Gore, OK Soda Steve’s
Sonoma Syrup Co Root Beer Soda Syrup
Sonoma, CA Sonoma Syrup Co
Sprecher Honey Root Beer
Sprecher Lo-Cal Root Beer Soda
Sprecher Root Beer Soda
Glendale, WI Sprecher
Summit Craft Root Beer
Summit Sudz Root Beer Soda
Summit Vintage Soda Pop Root Beer
Batavia, IL Summit
Supervalu Super Chill Root Beer
Supervalu Wild Harvest Root Beer
Eden Prarie, MN Supervalu
Thomas Kemper Pure Draft Root Beer
Thomas Kemper Purely Natural Root Beer
Thomas Kemper Root Beer Cane Sugar Soda
Portland, OR Thomas Kemper
Triple AAA Root Beer
100 E. California Ave. Ste 100, OKC, OK 73104 Triple AAA
Triple XXX Root Beer
Lafayette, IN Triple XXX
Villa Pizza Root Beer
by Ola Company, Fort Plain, NY Villa Pizza
Waialua Root Beer
Waialua, HI Waialua
Weber’s Root Beer
Pennsauken, NJ; Stratford, NJ; Brroklawn, NJ; Tulsa, OK
Zuberfizz Creamy Root Beer
Durango, CO Zuberfizz

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  1. JPMac says:

    Sam’s Club RB isn’t here. I got some at a Wal-mart,$5 for a dozen cans. The stuff is foul, I’d say two parts crappy syrup, 6 parts soda water, 2 parts the contents of an ashtray.

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