bigger photos

May 4, 2010
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so i have had a few requests for me to put up bigger photos of the bottles and cans. i did implement it but i have to go back and find the original images in order to make them good quality for older and even current reviews.
so right now, reviews that will publish next May and after are all set! =) you will be able to click the small image and get the big one.
i will see what kind of time i get to do this image creation so it may take some time. i also am not sure i even have a lot of the original photos anymore. a lot of the first couple years were actual, physical photographs and i doubt i will go scan those even if i knew where they were. it is time consuming to crop and adjust each bottle. i also have to watermark the images so all of those rotten root beer bottle image thieves will be thwarted as they should be! we shall see.
any other desired features, let me know.


hello new people!!

April 9, 2010
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wow, so i did not quite expect the huge traffic spike as a result of Modern Marvels! crazy! mainly since they did not ever say the site address or name. i had about 10 times more traffic than usual yesterday and i am quite surprised my server handled it ok. very good.
anyway, welcome new visitors! thanks for finding me. enjoy a frosty one and feel free to browse around. there are 430 reviews up right now with new ones posting every 12 days for at least the next year or so. hopefully longer if i find more sodas. click on "Reviews" above to go to the alphabetical list of all of the sodas i have reviewed in the past 14 years. you can submit ratings for each one under their reviews. if you click on "Rankings" you can see what sodas i and users each rated highest. or lowest. sign up to receive updates or just follow me on Twitter to see when i post new reviews. i have sodas lined up for the next year already so no worries there. send me a message and i will be sure to get back to you soon. and come back again soon.
oh! if you can get any of the sodas in my WANTED section, i would be more than happy to pay all costs. or trade with you. also if there any any sodas you can get that you don't see reviewed, i probably want em! so write to me. please. kthxbye


Modern Marvels! at last

April 5, 2010
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so finally the episode of Modern Marvels that i am briefly in, "Soft Drinks", will be aired this Thursday, April 8th at 8 pm EST on the History Channel. it will also be on a few more times in the week or so after that at various times, so check your local listings. i am in it for a couple minutes and there are many shots from my house, close ups of bottles and me pouring a root beer and junk like that. cool junk! check it out!


in memorium…

January 27, 2010
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the online root beer reviewing world is a pretty small place. i found that when i was contacted for my 'Modern Marvels' appearance a couple years ago, the producer and i both ran through the list of who else was out there. i have never physically met any one of these people in the meat space, but i feel almost like i know them in a way. i have traded emails if not sodas with almost all of them, especially the ones who have been around a few years.
just now i found out that we lost one last year. Luke Cole was killed in a car accident abroad in June of 2009. i always liked his site and found it very humorous that we both loved root beer and gigantic roadside characters. he always had root beers on his site that i had never heard of and will probably never have. his press releases of the best root beers of the year each year around 2002-2005 did make me a bit flustered, who was this guy to have a press release about root beer?! what qualifies him to decide this junk?! after 2006 or so he did not seem to update his site although i checked in every couple months or so to see, hoping he would have found more new sodas for me to then acquire somehow.
it is a shame that i really knew nothing of all of the great things he did outside of the root beer world. he was a lawyer, working for environmental justice, founder of the Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment, and he seemed like an amazing person.
nope, i never knew you Luke, but i shall miss you.