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Sioux City Birch Beer

kinda of average really for a birch beer. that slight mint thing, but also a medicine-y taste to it. just doesn’t impress me, although i would select it over a lot of other drinks still. plus it is red which is always cool. Anthony’s Rating: 67User’s Rating: 75# of ratings:214 Log in to save your …

birch beers

Pathmark Old Fashioned Draft Style Birch Beer

this is awful. seriously terrible. i feel like i licked a chemlawn or something. wow, i have to go dump this out now. but heck, if you like chemicals, go for it. Anthony’s Rating: 5User’s Rating: 51# of ratings:14 Log in to save your ratings and personal root beer list!

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Pathmark Old Fashioned Draft Style Root Beer

even for a generic root beer this is not so good. just tastes so false and chemical. not all that different from many other huge brands, but enough so that i would pay the extra few cents and get an A&W or something similiar. Anthony’s Rating: 21User’s Rating: 55# of ratings:18 Log in to save …

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this is not really even root beer, and was not intended to be until Coke bought it and claimed it was. ( more info) that “bite” isn’t much of anything either. probably the dumb caffeine or something. i dunno, sometimes i am into Barq’s but not usually. it is probably my last choice among major …

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Arizona Root Beer Float

i dunno what they are trying to pull here really but this kinda totally sucks. i had it once a while ago and recalled it as being ok, but now that i have found it again (not an easy feat, mind you!!), i remember that it stunk and that i threw it out. yeh, so …