root beers

Shoprite Root Beer

i’d say this is the best store brand root beer i have ever had. creamy as a good float, smooth, a nice head and not too biting or really in your face. just a solid taste that makes you want to keep drinking even after it is gone. great deal at 5 for $1. Anthony’s …

root beers

Smart & Final Iris Root Beer

another generic root beer, not bad, not good. just average. normal. kinda boring at this point. can’t expect too much more though i suppose. oh well, sometimes i am surprised though. not this time. Anthony’s Rating: 39User’s Rating: 46# of ratings:21 Log in to save your ratings and personal root beer list!

root beers

Safeway Select Root Beer

i believe there are many different supermarkets you sell this, just putting their name on it, cuz i could swear i have seen it elsewhere and my girlfriend said i already had it. but in any case… this has this weird cinnimon zing to it that makes it taste pretty good. a little too much …

root beers

Grand Premium Draft Style Root Beer

quite fizzy but no foam, kinda weird. otherwise this is not a bad root beer. i guess a bit generic in a few ways, but at 5 for a dollar, you can’t go wrong with this. a nice taste, good bite to it and just plain, straight out root beer. Anthony’s Rating: 58User’s Rating: 48# …

Pathmark Old Fashioned Draft Style Birch Beer

this is awful. seriously terrible. i feel like i licked a chemlawn or something. wow, i have to go dump this out now. but heck, if you like chemicals, go for it. Anthony’s Rating: 5User’s Rating: 51# of ratings:14 Log in to save your ratings and personal root beer list!