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Stewart’s Shops Root Beer

so this is not the same as the Stewart’s rootbeer that is in tons of stores, you can only get this in Steweart’s convience stores which seem to be in the northeast mainly. this taste is a little more generic than the other one. quite sweet with a semi-creamy taste.

here is some more info about the difference:
i got this from Neil Goldstein a while ago about this Stewart’s:
“I work for a beverage distributor in New York. Stewarts root beer in the plastic bottle (on the left side of the page) is produced by Stewarts shops from Saratoga NY. This chain of convenience stores started as ice cream shops years ago that also carried eggs, milk, soda, and bread. They have evolved into a good size local chain of full service convenience stores. They still manufacture their own ice cream and sell their own milk, soda, and other items.”

Anthony’s Rating: 65
User’s Rating: 79
# of ratings:75

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 20 oz plastic bottle, 2L plastic bottle, 3L plastic bottle
Available: NY, VT

Obtained in: Poughkeepsie, NY
Head: Medium Sweetener: high fructose corn syrup
Caffeine: No

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  1. […] Here’s one that’s going to cause a lot of confusion: It’s National Stewart’s Root Beer Day. But not THAT Stewart’s, our Stewart’s, though they do have a branded root beer. […]

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