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so Sam from the UK was exceedingly kind once more and sent me a few more sodas to review. shortly i will be sending him a couple US brands to sample, a little cultural exchange if you will. upon smelling this, i though “this does not smell as bad as Sam says it tastes, how bad could it be?” then i tasted it. and holy marshmallows and toothpaste, this is awful! the first swig is the worst, it does get a little better but it still ranks up there as one of the worst things i have ever had. a sort of mix of grape bubblegum, pickles and sour patch kids. i just hope the Sarsaparilla is better than this. if not, i pity the English and suggest they get Sainsbury instead.

Anthony’s Rating: 9
User’s Rating: 34
# of ratings:21

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 250 ml glass bottle
Available: UK

Obtained in: mail from Sam!
Head: Tiny Sweetener: grape juice concentrate
Caffeine: No

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