Free Natural Sasperilla

just the fact that they spelled “sarsaparilla” totally wrong should have clued me in here. the second clue being how bad the root beer was. i mean, if you can’t do root beer right, can you possibly do a decent sarsaparilla? but i thought the best of them and gave it a shot. i think this may take the title of the worst beverage i have ever had. it is a little bad coming in the mouth, gets worse as it fully hits the tongue and just hits bottom when you swallow it. bitter, foul, malty awfulness fully abounds here. my gosh this is just SO bad!

DANGER avoid this at all costs!

Anthony’s Rating: 3
User’s Rating: 55
# of ratings:22

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Type: Sarsaparilla Comes In: 250 ml glass bottle
Available: UK

Obtained in: mail from Sam
Head: Tiny Sweetener: grape juice concentrate
Caffeine: No

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  1. I read your review and notice you save, Danger, avoid at all costs, Plus the review was funny, so I have to ask, why did you give it a 3 and not a zero?

  2. it hydrated me a bit? i did not throw up either!

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