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Sprecher Lo-Cal Root Beer Soda

Ok so i have not opened this yet and i must admit i am intruiged, instead of going for the 0 calories as most diet sodas do, there are 15 calories per 8 oz serving here. they have mixed the 3 sweeteners of their regular root beer with aspartame to get a reduced calorie beverage. and you probably burn off those 30 calories hauling this heavy 16 oz bottle up to your pie hole anyway. ok, trying it. hhhmmm, not half bad. yeh, it has a slight aspartame aftertaste but it is nearly as bad or overpowering or long lasting as most diet sodas are. of course it is no where near as good as their regular soda. it has that metallic diet thing happening a little too much for my tastes. but if i had to drink diet, i suppose i’d get this. yet, if i HAD to have diet soda, i would think it would be because i could not have sugar at all and this does have sugar so the only reason to have this is if you are dieting i suppose and if you have seen me and think i need to diet, well, you are quite wrong.

Anthony’s Rating: 62
User’s Rating: 78
# of ratings:21

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Type: Diet Root Beer Comes In: 16oz glass bottle
Available: CA, OK, WI, online

Obtained in: mailorder from company
Head: Medium Sweetener: high fructose corn syrup, honey, aspartame (NutraSweet), maltodextrin
Caffeine: No

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  1. I also love this root beer on TAP, a few of the Pubs that feature many types of Beer carry it here in Indy. Needs frosted mug however.

  2. marc says:

    A pretty good good diet root beer. It helps to have made it with some sugar to get a half decent taste. Worth getting some to try, however in my humble opinion not as good as Saranac or Stewards diet ones.

  3. Bob Kane says:

    You should give this another try. They dumped the aspertame and now use saccharin. Much better in my opinion. I picked one of these up with out seeing the lo-cal on the label and started drinking it. Didn’t taste diet, but was not as sweet as a normal root beer. Really not bad at all.

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