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Zota Green Tea Soda Root Beer

ah, another organic soda! with no corn syrup! rad indeed. you can taste the difference for sure, the cane sugar taste is distinct. and as i rather like that taste, it is nice indeed. the green tea aspect is also there and adds a different taste to the soda, also not in a bad way at all. it kind of makes it taste almost like a root beer iced tea. usually i think the more natural kind of root beers do not come off well, although i very much want them to, but this one really does live up to my expectations. i would not quite say it taste that much like traditional root beer, but the flavor is there enough to be recognizable as such. kind of an herbal taste going on with pretty light carbonation. nice. i wish i knew where i got this so i could get more. oh well, i am sure i will see it again sometime.

Anthony’s Rating: 87
User’s Rating: 51
# of ratings:4

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: IL, VT

Obtained in: VT somewhere
Head: Small Sweetener: dehydrated cane juice
Caffeine: No

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