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Simpson Spring Root Beer

I have been trying to obtain this soda for quite some time. Everytime I have gone up to Boston in the past few years I had forgotten to swing over and stop here for some sodas. But then new years this past year was to be on Cape Cod and I knew this place delivered there so I was on it! My friend Craig offered to arrange delivery and all since he lived around there and junk. But the minimum order was too high so I decided to just stop there on my way up. Which I did. It was quite rad to see the place where it all happens, deep in the woods and all. I got a case of mixed sodas and headed out. Upon arrival at the house I found that Craig has also stopped and gotten a case for me! So very kind of him but funny in a way. Oh well. More soda for me to drink!
So anyway, I am quite enjoying this brew. It is not terribly unique, but it does the predictable root beer thing just right. Just the right amount of carbonation, just right sweetness, just right flavor level. I have very much enjoyed many bottles of this since the new year and would be happy to have more. It is a bit curious to me that the bottles are only 10 ounces instead of the more usual 12, but maybe corners have to get cut somewhere. I suggest a visit to the spring and brewery, perhaps I will try to get a tour next time myself.

Anthony’s Rating: 85
User’s Rating: 88
# of ratings:2

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 10oz glass bottle
Available: MA

Obtained in: from company store
Head: Medium Sweetener: sugar
Caffeine: No

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  1. is says:

    This root beer is basically your generic, typical root beer flavor that you’d expect. It tastes like an unscaled version of commercial root beer. Yet, this root beer is that that great when compared to the others. It is ok, but not something that I’d want to get again. It just has a very very basic root beer flavor. I’d give it 72 out of 100. The only pro it has is that it is a bit better than their sarsaparilla.

  2. I’m with you on this one, I also gave it an 85, but I thought it had a winter green taste even though that was not listed.

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