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IBC in a weird can

so, last week i was coming home from teaching a Spin class when i thought i would swing by the local dollar store. that sort of establishment seems to be a very fine hunting ground for new and/or random root beers. i mean, something like Odd Lots or Big Lots is better since it is a much more wacky and bizarre collection of stuff from all over the place but dollar stores sometimes play that same role. anyway, i head for the beverage aisle and see this thing sitting on the shelf.
at first i saw just the one can so i grab it but soon after i saw a whole pile of em. now i do not know when IBC started canning their drink, but it seems a weird move. which could very well be why it was at the dollar store afterall. nonetheless, i am glad this did not succeed. if a soda can be put into a glass bottle and sold profitably, it should be. not just because it tastes better but because it recycles/reuses better, save the earth and all of that stuff. i will try this canned craziness sometime and be sure to report back, yet i hope it is not a sign of things to come. although i see Independent Brewing Company’s root beer less often these days, they should be doing well enough to continue with the real glass bottle strategy i would think. so is this a common format for them in other parts of the nation? do share people, i am curious.
i will get some more reviews up this week, do not fret, my fridge is not quite empty yet.

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  1. They sell this canned brand here in Minnesota at the super target stores where I live. Rick b

  2. anthony says:

    wacky. thanks for the info rick! even looking at their website, they seem to very much stress that they use glass bottles. oh well.

  3. I did not know where else to post this thought, so I thought I would post it here. I love your Site and root beer as much as you do, I have two friends, one loves it as much as we do, the other, she is really into trying them.

    So I plan to go through the mail order sites as I can afford to and buy root beer I have never had and try them.

    the Second thing I plan to do is, go through your site, look at all the root beers that have rating of 80 or above, look at the ingredient list and try making my own from scratch. That project could take up to a year as I do not have tons of time or money. But it is a goal for a root beer freak. Rick b

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