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new “Availability” page added

i have been working for a couple weeks already on this and i think i am more than half done so i shall put it up. the new Availability page linked to above will (hopefully) tell you what sodas are available in each state/country/online. if it is only available at a couple of locations, there should be a full street address.

the reason it has been taking so long is that i have tried to find a lot of the small car hops or brew pubs or whatever that make their own stuff. i am currently up to Nebraska but if anyone knows of a place i missed, please let me know.

hopefully i will add a clickable map in there sometime for those like me who don’t know geography at all.

i feel like other root beer sites have some of this data, but it is either buried in with the defunct brands and it takes forever to wade through or else they just don’t have enough of the data. so perhaps this will come in handy to others as i know i want something of this sort when i go on road trips and junk.

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