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lots of new sodas!

so in my recent fit of searching for root beers and junk that i have not had or heard of i came upon a couple that i could mail order. that is very thrilling to me. but the bigger thing is that that “sodas i am looking for” thing on the sidebar there has been working quite well as a couple of companies have contacted me and i also did a trade for seven (yes, 7!) other brands i have not had. thus there will probably be a huge onslaught of reviews in the next month or so while i try to stay semi-current with this stuff. although that then means i probably won’t have many reviews for a while as there are even less sodas out there for me to review. oh well, that is the price i/we pay i guess. probably better to get reviews up i suppose.
anyway, i of course am always on the lookout for other new brands, so let me know if you know of anything i have not reviewed or can get any of the stuff which i have listed in my “Wanted” sidebar thing or on my Availibility page that does not have a review. thanks for visiting, please recycle your empties. =)

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  1. Thanks to your site posting links to buy root beer on-line, I am having 11 mailed to me that I have never had before, and I plan to buy more from other sources as money permits. Rick b

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