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Local Color Brewing Rug Rat Root Beer

for years i knew OF this soda but could never get any. the company did not mail order and none of the soda mail order places carried it. plus i just have not been to Michigan in many years so i never got any. but it had some of the coolest label art i had seen in a while, cute and fun. it was obviously directed as a playful jab for the parents towards the children to which they were marketing the only non-alcohol offering they made. then one day i was checking my links to be sure they were all ok and valid and all of that crazy intertubes magic stuff when i noticed that the old website for Rug Rat Root Beer was gone and the whole site had changed. it used to be quite visually exciting and fun. now it is lame. but perhaps that brings in the clients, i do not know.
nonetheless to the rescue comes the mighty Jon once again! during our recent email exchanges he listed Rug Rat as one of the sodas he had extra of, and not even too old either! so of the seven sodas i got in our trade, this is the one i was probably most excited about getting. hooray, at long last you are mine Rug Rat!
as i pop the cap (non-twist off, so i did indeed need a cap popper. i actually wrote “pop capper” but then realized that that device is what caused me to need the cap popper, weird how that works…) i am slightly concerned that this brew may be too old as there was not much of the releasing of air. oh well, not a huge deal.
ok, this right here is one of the BEST drinks i have ever had. wow! it is creamy yet hearty with a full body and strong presence. it has preciously the right amount of sweetness so that one’s taste buds and stomach are not overwhelmed by it but they are still forced to stand up and recognize that this drink is tickling them and making them happy.
every time i take a drink of this soda i put it down and am quiet for a moment as i savor the flavor and decide again that i have not been over selling it. i shake my head in wonder. i lick my lips to try to get every last molecule of taste that i can. this soda is not something i could just drink absent mindedly. if i tried to, each time i drank my full attention would be forced to my taste buds. it must be sipped and savored. as this is the one and only bottle of this i will probably ever have, it makes it rather bittersweet.
this is a very excellent brew to have for my 350th review. i certainly hope #400 is nearly as good.
sorry Boylan’s Natural and Bulldog, we have a new champion. you can relax though knowing that this is no longer made. but sleep may be difficult knowing that out there somewhere is a recipe for this soda.
and thank you to Local Color Brewing for restoring my faith in root beer. every once in a while i do wonder a little about just why i love root beer so much and this right here is why.

Anthony’s Rating: 99
User’s Rating: 79
# of ratings:6

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle, keg
Available: discontinued

Obtained in: trade with Jon
Head: Medium Sweetener: cane sugar
Caffeine: No

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  1. I am so glad you told us this is no longer made. I have friends who live in Michigan and travel up to Michigan, I would have had them searching in vain to find it for me. But it also sucks it is no longer made, I would love to try rootbeer this good. Rick b

  2. David Anderson says:

    Another great root beer that is no longer made is Ramblin’. I have never found one as good as that one.

  3. is says:

    I wonder if there is any way for a company to buy the formula for this root beer?

  4. hi everyone, I am family of Detroit’s manufacturing company called Leonard’s Syrups – one of the last in US that actually make all its beverages from the raw ingredients allowing us, my dad and brother, to control the product taste absolutely.
    Rug Rat Root Beer…like to say that was my dad’s creation! and I am thinking about bringing it back – the same formula, with pure Michigan beet sugar and honey. yes, I always thought it was an awesome root beer…I can keep you posted if you like?


  5. I would love to stay posted on such vital matters! Thanks Steve.

  6. is says:

    Unfortunately, I believe Steve Bugajewski has since passed away. Likely, we won’t be seeing this root beer any time soon. RIP Steve.

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