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Jack Astor’s Brewski Root Beer

this soda is another one that i had not a whole lot of hope of getting. granted it is still made, but it only seems to be sold at the Canadian Jack Astor’s Bar & Grille locations. which is not to say i do not enjoy visiting that fine nation, but i think the chance of me getting there anytime soon is slim. so my root beer trade with Jon worked out very well for me yet again in this case.
the first thing i noticed about this root beer (or “racinette” as the French call it) is the top, it is the old style wider metal twist off top, like what used to be on 2 liter bottle of pop before they were replaced with the plastic version. i have seen a couple of companies do this but very rarely. the second thing i took note of was the green glass bottle. the only other ones i can think of that come in green glass are Empire Bottling Works Root Beer and Naturale 90 but the first has the smaller metal twist off cap and the latter is a bigger bottle but with the same cap style. curious.
then i finally opened it up.
there is a unique flavor here. perhaps it is caused by the “botanical extract” in the ingredient list. it is definitely something herbal in there. it makes it somewhat of a light taste but with a decent amount of sweetness which makes it feel heavier. they balance out somewhat and exist in harmony. this reminds me of a better version of the Journey Historic Brews in that i get that “root” flavor and it actually taste pretty good. notice i said “pretty good” and not “great” or “amazing” or something. my girlfriend would probably say that is because i so rarely say that sort of thing about anything but in this case it is because it it true. i enjoy it because it is different but i am content having it just this once because it is not so great.

Anthony’s Rating: 72
User’s Rating: 72
# of ratings:1

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: Canada

Obtained in: trade with Jon
Head: Small Sweetener: sugar
Calories: 180 Sodium: 20mg
Carbs: 48g Sugar: 48g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated water, sugar/glucose-fructose, natural and artificial flavour, colour, caramel colour, citric acid

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