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Killebrew Root Beer

when i was a kid i had a few of these books with all sorts of interesting and fun real baseball stories, mainly about players from the 1960s and earlier. Dizzy Dean, Willy Mays, Babe Ruth and so on. i very much enjoyed these books at the time although now i recall pretty much none of it. currently i play a pretty good amount of fantasy baseball, i think i have 8 teams this year. the point is i know that Harmon Killebrew played baseball but that is about the extent of my knowledge on the fellow. i have a feeling he was a catcher but that could be all wrong.
in any case, his son makes this stuff along with 2 other flavors that sound quite tasty indeed, honey cream and honey lemon. they all proudly display a big graphic on the label telling the consumer that they feature Wisconsin Minnesota grown honey. now, i suppose honey must be grown, sort of, but it is more made i would think. although “grown” sounds much better and more natural than “made,” especially in regards to honey creation. yet the thing that bothers me more is that high fructose corn syrup is a higher ingredient than this honey they proclaim so proudly. i do taste a little bit of a honey thing happening here but it is quite subtle.
the taste of this soda is slightly bitter, alright on the whole but definitely not a great thing. i would not recommend this soda to someone visiting me or asking what to drink. it is mediocre. oh well.

Anthony’s Rating: 65
User’s Rating: 86
# of ratings:31

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: MN

Obtained in: bought from company
Head: Small Sweetener: high fructose corn syrup, honey
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: pure natural spring water, high fructose corn sweetener, pure minnesota honey, carmel color, natural & artificial flavors and citric acid

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  1. MaryJo Nerison says:

    Do you even know what the hell you’re talking about? Harmon Killebrew was the greatest homerun hitter of all time in the American League! Have you ever been to the Mall of America? The street in front of it is named after him! It’s called “Killebrew Drive”! It’s “THE MALL OF AMERICA”!!!! People come from all over the WORLD to visit the Mall! What country are you from? It’s MINNESOTA brewed, sweetened with MINNESOTA honey, it’s pasturized, made with natural spring water, low carb, and it’s good for you. Why are you being such a difficult person? When I read your comments…I was so disgusted that someone would say something like that without even knowing the facts! Obviously you’re not from Minnesota. Don’t you dare attack the Killebrew family here!

  2. anthony says:

    well, as i said, i DON’T know anything about Harmon Killebrew, but i feel like i should.
    no, i have never been to the Mall of America, sorry. people come from all over the world to go to Dollywood too, that does not mean i know the streets around it. in fact i don’t even know the name of the street parellel to mine and i have been here 10 years.
    you are right, it is indeed Minnesota honey! good catch, i will fix that right away. although my ingredient list does say that. can you really tell the difference though between Minnesota and Wisconsin honey?
    but no, actually, it is NOT good for you. it is soda with corn syrup, basically sugar water with no health benefits whatsoever. the honey is not even enough to help you get acclimated to local pollen levels and thus keep your allergies more in check.

    i don’t think i am being difficult, i never attacked the Killebrew family in any way. i bought some of their soda and it was just ok.
    what did i say that disgusted you? that i thought maybe he was a catcher? oh my gosh, NO!
    oh well, everyone is entitled to an opinion, this is just mine.
    thanks for commenting though, i do honestly appreciate it, for real!

  3. Tom says:

    I’m not offended as a root beer drinker, Minnesotan, or Twins fan but as a baseball fan, good god, you don’t know who Harmon Killebrew is?
    The MLB logo was designed after him. Before the steroid era, he was fifth all-time in home runs!

  4. Just a little side note at no extra charge, honey is bee vomit.

    With that said, I gave this a 60, I feel mine has a bit of a sour taste.

    Now with that said, I see everyone is jumping all over you for not knowing who this killabrew guy is. Well I happen to live in saint Paul MN, Been living here for well over 13 years, and I HATE BASEBALL. I am a huge fight fan, but baseball, who cares.

  5. As a Minnesotan and HK fan, I get it, but you can’t judge root beer on his RBI. This stuff is pure shite. It’s watery, uninventive and not worthy of being called root beer. Even on a hot dry day at Target Field, taking a swig of this stuff is enough to make a person drink his own piss. It’s an offense to Harmon and his decedents are making bank now because it’s in a cool looking aluminum beer can and they’re abusing his name. STOP. Just stop. If you don’t have taste buds, don’t rate these things. Yuck.

  6. […] Mississippi Market-Deli *sell Killebrew Root Beer | The Killebrew Story “..Ingredients:pure natural spring water, high fructose corn sweetener, pure minnesota honey, carmel color, natural & artificial flavors and citric acid..”– […]

  7. This is one of the “sassiest” root beers I’ve ever tasted. I’ve never thought of root beers having a personality, but if there ever was one, it would be this one. This root beer really gets sassy with that sassafras. It has a nice flavor, but it lacks the creamy component that we all know and love. All in all a solid beverage. A very very slight fruity flavor, but nothing too wack. I gave it an 89.

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