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Dang! That’s Good Root Beer

i just have to say, first off, that this is probably the most pretentiously named product i have ever reviewed. it reminds me of some sort of infomercial product like “the greatest chamois cloth ever!” or “the perfect pita toaster” or something. or else something like “i can’t believe it’s not butter” which always makes me ponder who THEY are to tell ME what i can and cannot believe?! especially since i definitely CAN believe that that slop is not butter. but back to the matter at hand, ok?
i have heard quite good things about this soda so i have slightly higher hopes than usual, which may or may not work in its favor. probably not i think.
the design leaves something to be desired, even beyond the name, it just sort of bores me. and slapping “The Original” in the corner there makes me wonder just who was claiming it is NOT the original and whether there are fake, bootleg version of this pop out there.
my first impression of the actual drink is that there is barely any gas escape upon cap removal. that makes me think i may have a bum bottle here. the carbonation seems way too low. i will try another one soon and update this if i find it different. this soda gets yet another superlative, as it is also probably the most syrupy soda i have ever had. that could be a direct result of the lack of carbonation making me notice such things more. being the crazy person that i am though i blame it on the high fructose corn sweetener instead. it just coats my mouth with sweet. that would normally be a great compliment coming from me but here it is just TOO much. too sweet. and that is a shame since the flavor is actually very good besides that. it is not so far from the root beer you would expect that you think it is not root beer yet it is different enough to be distinct. i really do hope this is just a bad bottle as i would like to like this more. i think more carbonation would help it a lot. i think i root (pun not intended) for most small brewers to make a really amazing soda and this one is very close. to me at least.
they make a butterscotch root beer too which i shall review soon i am sure but seeing as how sweet this one is, that scares me a bit. stay tuned…

Anthony’s Rating: 78
User’s Rating: 78
# of ratings:28

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: WI, online

Obtained in: mail order
Head: Tiny Sweetener: high fructose corn syrup
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated water, high fructose corn sweetener, carmel color, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors and sodium benzoate (a preservative)

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  1. Derrick Dean says:

    How do I order Dang’s Butterscotch Rootbeer

  2. you can order from the company’s website or there are a couple of online retailers that carry it. i actually just got some from Dan the Soda Man myself!

  3. This has a very strong winter green flavor, I find many root beers have such a strong winter green flavor that it should be a winter green drink. I like winter green in small amounts in root beer, but this one had to much. I gave this a 65.

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