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Winchell’s Pizza Root Beer

so i went away to the Catskills for the long 4th of July weekend. every year for the last 8 or so i have gone camping with some friends from college on that weekend. this weekend it was sort of my turn to plan where to go and all, so i did, choosing a place that was semi-equidistant from all parties. my wife and i went up on thursday night, leaving early as we had to check in by 9 pm. we had not really had any dinner so when we were pretty close we stopped at a pizza place for some pizza to go as it was still going to be pretty tight, time-wise. as i walked in the door i saw a big sign, “ROOTBEER ON TAP” which made me quite excited but most restaurants can say that really, they have 6 or 8 or whatever sodas on tap. but then i saw a sign above the counter advertising their birch beer and caught site of the generic “Root Beer” and “Birch Beer” labels on the soda dispenser and was very happy. what sort of luck is that, to randomly stop at a place in the middle of very little and find two new sodas? i will even answer that for you, it is not at all likely!
after waiting a really really long time to even place our order i tried the root beer and i sadly must say it is rather bad. not diet soda level bad mind you, but bad anyway. i think they heard that root beer could be made to taste like licorice and they totally went to town with that plan. hey if a little licorice is good, a ton is better, right?! um, no. sorry Winchell’s. their pizza was kind of tasty though, a little spicy and very thin, but that is fine. anyway, this soda was not really worth it. it is different but that does not equate goodness, at least here. actually i only even drank about half of the small cup i got, the rest i used to help put out the fire later that night. yes, i know i should not have done that, i used a lot of water afterwards to try to wash away any smell that may attract wildlife though, rest assured.

Anthony’s Rating: 41
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: On Tap
Available: NY

Obtained in: at restaurant
Head: Small Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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