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a year or so ago i had noticed the existence of a seemingly very rad place, Pops 66 that supposedly had over 500 kinds of soda. it is a gas station, restaurant, soda ranch, shake shop and more, all housed in a very rad structure. and it is in Oklahoma… very far from me on the east coast. i figured it would be like some of the other “soda bar” type places that i will probably never get to, very exciting but just too far away. never mind that this one had a decent amount of root beers i had never had! then i got an email from someone telling me about them again and a root beer they had gotten there. i figured i may as well write and ask if i could mail order the stuff i did not have. i mean, what could it hurt, right?
i also figured they would say no as it is a pain to do that, something totally different from their usual duties. but i received a very prompt reply that they would be happy to! holy hyenas and butter! people really rock sometimes.
i guess it goes to show me that you have to actually do something to get anywhere or anything.
anyway, you are lucky if you are nearby OK and get to go here.
so now i will have six more sodas to review!! hooray! two were even on my “Wanted” list on the right there.

update 8/19 – ok so they did not have a 3 of the 6 i had wanted so they substituted 3 that i have never even heard of! now that right there is a feat i think as i do really try to be aware of all existing bottled root beers. this is exciting indeed! thanks Pops 66!

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  1. Hello, Anthony!

    Like yourself, I loving to tasting the different kind of root beers from all over the world and have done over 70 root beers include sarsaparillas. Anyways, that’s how I got lots of root beers from Pops 66 because I used to live closer to there like 15 miles away but I am sad that I moved far away from there because of a job. Anyways back to the point….here the YouTube that I made a video on Pops 66


    Also, my apology to that if you may not understand the sign language which I signed on that video at all because I am deaf. Anyways, hope we can share our opinions and feedbacks about root beers someday.

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