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Real Soda in Real Bottles Girlan Pink Birch Beer

i got this as a replacement for something else i hoped to get from Pops66 which was not in stock. but i have no complaints at all about that! a pink birch beer! interesting. it is brought to you by the fine folks who do real soda in real bottles. i can’t say i understand the concept too much, or the design but they are extremely nice people over there. so the label proclaims “brings out the little flower in you” and “Mama Cornalano’s Jersey Girl recipe” and it has a german sort of bird insignia in the birch tree pictured. i do very much like that they printed “REAL CANE SUGAR” on the bottle itself where many companies print bottling dates or whatever.
i went into this review thinking this would taste like birch beer, even remotely and that the pink was just a fun gimmick. but no, it tastes like what you expect pink soda to taste like, which is what everyone? yup, bubblegum! i do very much enjoy bubblegum. in gum. not in soda. or liquid in general. unless it is that gum that squirts out a liquid center when you bite it, but that is actually “in gum” too when it comes down to it. for me, there is no trace of anything to do with birch beer here. maybe this is some sort of statement on how “birch beer” can be a very loose label and you can make it taste like almost anything and still call it “birch beer?” i don’t think so. the bubblegum-ness is interesting i suppose as i don’t think i have had other bubblegum flavored sodas, but it is also gross. sorry Danny at Real Soda, but i must be honest here. i don’t like it. it is not offensively bad though, it is drinkable. although i am torn as to the best way to drink it: slowly so i don’t overwhelm my belly or quickly to just get it down. it is incredibly sweet and almost sticky, even sweeter than i like, which is pretty crazy. i wanted to enjoy this but i just don’t.
they also make “Lurch Birch” which i will be getting to soon. that one is the “left coast recipe” and i think more traditional. if this is supposed to be the east coast style beverage then i am almost enraged. birch beer is an east coast thing, twisting and messing with flavors, combining weird junk is a west coast thing. so i would vote to switch the designations on these two brews. oh well.
and isn’t red #40 a major carcinogen? uh oh….

Anthony’s Rating: 30
User’s Rating: 3
# of ratings:3

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Type: Pink Birch Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, OR, WA, online

Obtained in: sent from Pops66
Head: Tiny Sweetener: cane sugar
Calories: 190 Sodium: 25mg
Carbs: 48g Sugar: 48g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated filtered water, cane sugar, citric acid, gum acacia, glycerol abietate, artificial & natural flavors, sodium benzoate (to preserve freshness), red #40

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  1. […] that no, this is a pink birch, so they are being extra wacky and super cheeky here. I have only had one other pink birch before and they really did it on purpose and extolled the fact. now the drink itself is […]

  2. […] this is much more of a fruity / bubblegum soda than it is a birch beer…. I am reminded of Girlin Pink Birch Beer actually, but not quite as good. this is a pale brown birch beer, which should be at least somewhat […]

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