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A & W Float

i have been hearing about this drink since it came out a year or so ago. people wrote in about it at first, something new! i have seen it in stores but did not bother buying it until now. the biggest reason i finally got it was because i found out Barq’s Floatz had been discontinued without me ever having tried it. i figured this too may not be long for this earth so i may as well get on it as soon as i can. i have low expectations here though. mainly because as much as i believe a root beer float drink is an interesting idea, it has never worked well in reality as far as i have found. and this does not either.
first off, they are wise to use the full bottle label, it disguises the vile color of the drink. although it is what one would expect, a cloudy dark beige color, it is still not appealing in any way.
second, i find it kind of suspect that on the website they say the shelf life is 6 months yet there is no way to know the age of your bottle unless you call the local bottler to interpret the bottling codes printed on the bottom. there is also no mention of this pretty sort shelf life on the product itself. granted, it IS a sort of dairy product so even 6 months seems a long time to have anything with milk in it to remain good, which then makes me suspicious of the chemicals in here that allow that to happen.
on the whole this taste alright, at least at first, after about 10 seconds it becomes sort of vile. but at first it is decent, kind of like if you poured some cream in your flat root beer, very creamy, very rich, but also strange. it taste vaguely like root beer, a very sweet version but the flavor is there. i feel like i would enjoy root beer flavored milk but maybe not since it might taste like this. but at least i would get more protein and calcium (1g and 4% respectively) that way. and there is an insane amount of sugar in here! about 50% more than normal root beers.
i will say that this is the best of the 3 or 4 other root beer float sodas i have had, which is saying very little i guess since they were awful.

Anthony’s Rating: 31
User’s Rating: 24
# of ratings:39

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Type: Other Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: online, everywhere

Obtained in: Walgreens, Bound Brook, NJ
Head: None Sweetener: sugar
Calories: 260 Sodium: 20mg
Carbs: 64g Sugar: 63g
Caffeine: No
Website: http://www.floats.com/

Ingredients: filtered carbonated water, sugar, skim milk and 2% or less of each of the following: cream, pectin, natural & artificial flavors, phosphoric acid, carmel color, propylene glycol alginate, acacia gum, nitrous oxide (creates foam)

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  1. Well speak of the devil… I was just looking at your website earlier today Anthony and wondering how someone like you made it to the “big time” with root beer reviews. I must admit, i really am just kinda messing around, but i am having fun with it, but it’s nice to hear good feedback from other reviewers. Glad you like the blog. Your website is quite a bit fancier though, so kudos to you. I looked over your needed sodas list there and didn’t see anything i recognized, but i will check at the Pop Shop here in Scottsdale, or you can go to their site and look (if you haven’t already). http://www.popsoda.com Anyway, thanks for looking me up and for the encouragement. Best of luck to you.


  2. I haven’t tried this, and now I won’t. I used to mix milk and root beer, 50/50, when I was a kid, and I loved it. Milky, fizzy, root beer flavored, a kid’s dream. This just sounds bloody awful.
    I’ll use my money for the Deerfield Root Beer when I’m at Walgreen’s.

  3. GlassKeyPhoto says:

    I was SO excited when I saw this in a fridge while on vacation in Monterey, CA. I bought it, ran outside and cracked it open–only to look in the bottle mouth in shock. I did not think that a soda could make me violently angry, but this one did. I would definitely recommend that if you see it, buy it. It is truly amazing that something so foul exists. Words cannot make up for the experience of a swig of this thing that someone created.

  4. Tried this a couple years ago. It was worse than I expected. Pure disgustingness. It’s worth a mere 25 out of 100.

  5. richard.ohara says:

    Disgusting. It is the first root beer float I have tried, and doesnt leave me wanting to try others.

  6. fishtail says:

    Yikes. Approached with mild interest and hope. First swig left me concerned. Then I saw the grey color, and I understood why the label covers the entire bottle, from top to bottom. I took a few more swallows, then felt remorse. I decided not to further desecrate my body and threw the rest away. Drinking it did not provide satisfaction or enjoyment on any level.

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