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so being as there are a limited amount of sodas out there in the world for me to review, i know i will run out one day. also since i just had a daughter, i am trying to plan ahead and get reviews done and schedules when i can. thus i am trying to be more regular in my update frequency. i had it at one every 10 days but that seemed a little too often and i would run out too soon so i made it every 2 weeks. but then i got about 20 new sodas. so i am currently splitting the difference and making it every 12 days. now, this still puts the end of the reviews of just what i have on hand sometime around the end of 2009. and i imagine i will get a few new sodas in the next year or so. but who knows how many? it is also strange that stuff i just got won’t see the light of the internet tubes for so long. i am not quite sure what i should do about this, go back to more frequent updates and potentially run out sooner? leave it as is and hedge my bets? i suppose that is more in line with my personality in general. i save easter candy often until the next easter so that i will have it and be ready. i imagine i have chocolate from last christmas in my candy jar right now. i could just post em as i write em, which is pretty much what i used to do, sometimes there would be a couple in a day, sometimes nothing for a couple few months. i know i would like a website to update with regularity which is why i switched to scheduling them.
i am not sure what anyone can tell me here though. i think i am just afraid that there will come a time in the not too distant future where i have nothing new to review for months on end.

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  1. gary jensen says:

    I like the site no matter what. I see Root Beer from time to time and yur site is very important for me to deceide to buy or not

  2. Take your time and enjoy your daughter. You’ll have a bottle of Teddy’s as soon as I get it in the mail. News of a review always comes as a nice surprise for me, and it will continue to be so.
    Happy holidays!

  3. Nich Jones says:

    On the flip side, it has to feel pretty cool to be in a position where you’ve tried/reviewed so many sodas that you have trouble finding new ones. That’s quite an accomplishment!

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