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plan thwarted..

so the 400th review is the next one to post. i had big plans to finally, at long last get some 1919 Root Beer that everyone and their redheaded half step sister’s aunt’s cousin keeps writing in to tell me about. but i just never ordered it. and now the time when it should have posted is passed and the normally scheduled reviews will post. which is fine i suppose but i missed an update there. nonetheless, one of my favorite new sodas will have its review appear tomorrow. perhaps it is even better than 1919? i don’t know, i still have not had the stuff. i will order it eventually though. maybe in time to be review number 500! although finding 100 more sodas could be a huge challenge. we shall see. at least i know i will. you on the other hand may never visit here again. i hope you do. ok, please do.
and recycle your empties.

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  1. Tony Waitekus says:

    Not aware of anyone being able to orderr 1919. As far as I know, this product, is available only on tap in various locations. It is a very good root beer.

  2. ah, but you can! $20 plus shipping gets you a pony keg! just email them on their website.

  3. robb. says:

    i thought it was more of an overbearing wintergreen taste than a metallic taste. i think the six-pack had the nutrition information on it.

    either way, i agree that it wasn’t very good diet root beer. maybe some day i’ll make my way up to alpena to see if the regular root beer is better out of the tap. A&W is amazing out of the tap and decent at best when bottled.


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