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oh wow, i keep on forgetting!! so a while back i was filmed for an episode of the History Channel’s Modern Marvels show about soft drinks. they had little idea when it would air or anything so i kept waiting for it to be on, telling my friends and family whenever i heard an approximate air date. first it was fall 2008, then early 2009, then maybe spring 2009. but apparently it aired already. in January or so. no one seems sure just when that happened. weird indeed. so i have yet to see it as they also have no idea when it will be re-aired. but you can buy a dvd of it here if you so desire.
i will have a copy eventually but i am tempted to buy it myself just so i can see it at last. if anyone out there has seen it, let me know, i am curious how it came out and how the 2 hours or so of footage got editted down. maybe i get 2 minutes or something, who knows… not me, that is what i am saying.
i will try to put some screen caps up when i do get it.
i also owe you guys a recording of that radio show i did too! ug, so much to do, so little time, so much time i waste.

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