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Modern Marvels! at last

so finally the episode of Modern Marvels that i am briefly in, “Soft Drinks”, will be aired this Thursday, April 8th at 8 pm EST on the History Channel. it will also be on a few more times in the week or so after that at various times, so check your local listings. i am in it for a couple minutes and there are many shots from my house, close ups of bottles and me pouring a root beer and junk like that. cool junk! check it out!

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  1. Marc Spickler says:

    Hi Anthony,
    Could you tell me what network is Modern Marvels on?
    Is that the Discovery channel?

  2. oops, that would help! just fixed it. it is on the History Channel!

  3. Thomas M. says:

    I watched cause I saw it listed in the newspaper. The only show I tried to watch all week, and I got two long distance calls. But I saw that bunch of labels.

  4. Just saw it and decided, as an ameteur root beer enthusiast, to google you, nice site. Congrats as well

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