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bigger photos

so i have had a few requests for me to put up bigger photos of the bottles and cans. i did implement it but i have to go back and find the original images in order to make them good quality for older and even current reviews.
so right now, reviews that will publish next May and after are all set! =) you will be able to click the small image and get the big one.
i will see what kind of time i get to do this image creation so it may take some time. i also am not sure i even have a lot of the original photos anymore. a lot of the first couple years were actual, physical photographs and i doubt i will go scan those even if i knew where they were. it is time consuming to crop and adjust each bottle. i also have to watermark the images so all of those rotten root beer bottle image thieves will be thwarted as they should be! we shall see.
any other desired features, let me know.

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