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i recently came across some new review sites i thought you all might find interesting so i thought i’d share.

  • Thirsty Dudes – three straighedge fellows who review all sorts of drinks. this includes a good amount of root beers in there. they are absolutely flying through drinks and will surpass what i have done in my 14 years or so in about a year if they continue this madness!
  • Fear No Root Beer – another root beer review site, obviously. they are quite extensive in their treatment of each soda, which is nice. plus they seem to be from NJ also, so they must rock. they don’t have a lot of reviews yet but i like their style. hopefully they keep it up. and fix their commenting system, i can’t do it in firefox or IE.

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  1. Karen says:

    I really miss those guys Jeff and Loren you used to link to some years back (Soda Pop Review?). They were a riot AND they had good reviews.
    I’ll check out these.

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