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Root Beer Jelly

I have a very fun wife. she fully supports my root beer love. often that involves getting one of the sodas on the left side of the fridge (the right side is the ‘for review’ only side), opening it up, taking a swig and shaking her head with her eyes closed, saying “bleh!” although she does indeed quite like some root beers and loves a good white birch, she doesn’t drink much soda but sometimes wants just a hit. it is very cute and fun. i am then given a cold, open bottle with a gulp missing. as i don’t really drink a lot of soda myself outside of for reviewing, it kind of gets me to drink more of it.
she also gets me super fun presents like this, root beer jelly! and one other recent present which i will write up soon too but will leave as surprise for now.

so root beer jelly… at first i was a little taken aback i will admit. what do you do with root beer jelly? on toast seems a little weird. just on bread might be good. peanut butter? a pb & rbj? hhhmmm, yeah i can see that. fluff actually came to mind as a very yummy option, but i’d have to get some vegan fluff somewhere and that is not always so easy. but hopefully i can do that and try that option. by itself this is actually good. better than i expected. it is very sweet and has a traditional, expected root beer flavor, in a good way. i expected the subtle flavor of a gummy root beer bottle but this is very much root beer flavored. i am not sure what they used to achieve that, root beer extract or perhaps some root beer reduction or something but it worked out pretty well.
with peanut butter it works too. i tried creamy since chunky seemed wrong somehow. root beer should not have a crunchy aspect. well, maybe if it is a candy or something… but yeah, it works, the flavors play off each other well. would i want to drink a peanut root beer soda? hhhmm, i doubt it. peanut drinks seem a little scary. it might be good though.
there seem to be several root beer jellies out there so i will have to see if i can get a brand name or something attached to this one. i don’t see it available on etsy right now so perhaps it is an occasional thing for this vendor.
i will try to get some fluf and report back. for now, i will think about other uses.
thanks wifey!

Anthony’s Rating: 81
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Type: Non-Soda Comes In: 8oz glass bottle
Available: online

Obtained in: ordered from etsy.com
Head: None Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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