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new store and association!

woo! i just found a rocking new web store and an accompanying super cool association! they have a pretty decent selection although, sadly, nothing i have not had. but still. AND they have a root beer of the month club! i get a lot of emails asking for that. not too awful a price either. i mean with postage costs to ship a 6 pack of heavy glass bottles included, the $26 per month or whatever seems fair. there was one other online place that sold only root beer which did not last so long so we really should support these peoples so they can spread the root beer gospel for as long as possible. so go check out the Root Beer Store they also have a brick and mortar retail establishment in Redmond, WA so go there too and bring me in spirit since that is the other end of the country. alas.
they also have formed the Association of Root Beer Enthusiasts or ARBE with different levels and junk. membership cards and window clings and discounts are all part of joining up. seems to all be in good fun. i joined!

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