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Big Ben’s Golden Birch Beer

so i had to add a whole new category for this soda. that would be the second one for this company, whose blue birch beer was also unique. as the ingredient list on all five (5) of their birch beers are the same, they probably are actually all the exact same thing with colorings added. but perhaps not, what do i know? i could ask but that would ruin it all.
the labels on all of them are the same and have this patriotic, flag theme. i can see that for the red, white and blue birches, but for the golden and dark birch it makes less sense beyond the cost savings.
this one is more the color of a ginger beer, golden indeed. over the past week or so i have tried the other colors and i really do think they taste at least a little different. this one is a bit sweeter and slightly less minty than the white but more so than the dark. i would say it is very similar to the red. i have not had the blue in years so i can’t quite make that comparison. the wintergreen taste is very upfront though. so if you like wintergreen lifesavers, you will probably like this. sadly it does not spark in the dark like they do though. it is a very solid birch beer. get some of any of them if you come across it. this one only comes in the 20 oz plastic bottle though so it may be tougher to find. or just mailorder, their rates are very good.

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Type: Golden Birch Beer Comes In: 20 oz plastic bottle
Available: PA, online

Obtained in: mailorder from company
Head: Small Sweetener: corn sweetener, sugar
Calories: 143 Sodium: 6mg
Carbs: 34g Sugar: 34g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated water, sugar and/or corn sweetener, natural and artificially flavored, caramel, red #40 or blue#1 except white

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