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Rio Syrups Root Beer

i had heard about this extract company a few times before but i seemed to be unable to find their product anywhere. so when i went on a big extract finding mission online i finally stumbled across a place that had it. they actually make a ridiculous amount of different flavors. but strangely enough, no birch beer or spruce beer. oh well.
this one was a bit unusual in that they provided direction on how to make a syrup out of the extract and then from there make soda by mixing 2oz of syrup for every 10oz of seltzer. they did provide instructions for other methods such as yeast carbonation, but i thought this route was easier and perhaps more true to the intended flavor so i did the syrup route.
i really am undecided how i feel about this though in the end. it is ok and not offensive at all, but it is just ok. it is not even as good as most generic root beers. it is just there, being root beer, nothing special, nothing awful. other extracts and syrups i have had at least taste a little unique, this is just bland. i tried adding more syrup than recommended and that helped a bit, it was not so watery then but it still just comes across as plain. and there is a buttload of sugar in here! well, perhaps not, this made a lot of syrup but it seemed like a lot. this is not all that sweet so perhaps it is not as bad as i thought. i wouldn’t get it again or make it on purpose but it is not awful really.

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: extract
Available: online

Obtained in: mailorder
Head: Sweetener:
Caffeine: No

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