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Rainbow Extracts Root Beer

i had purchased some of this probably 15 years ago and just never made it into soda. i may have tried once to make a batch with yeast but i don’t think so. anyway, now that i had the soda siphon thing down pretty well, it seemed time to try it that way. plus the supply of root beers out there is dwindling. this being probably the most available extract, it needed to be investigated fully.

the packaging is the same for all of their extracts. a wood grain looking box with the soda flavor contained in it printed on the front. otherwise all of the favors are identical. i suppose that invokes some sort of wooden keg feel or something? i imagine that is what they are going for here. that is fine, whatever. this one is declared to be “old fashioned homebrew root beer soda pop base” and “old time flavor.” alright, we shall see. the top proclaims “original recipe” and “ozark made.” i have not been to the Ozarks (and really am not exactly sure where that is) so i am not sure how much ozark pride exists. perhaps some, at least around Osage Beach, MO.

they have several different methods of making this from extract into soda printed in the little info packet in the box. the easiest is a “quick recipe” that basically is pouring a bit of extract into a glass of water with sugar added. that is basically what i do except i carbonated it after so i modified their quick recipe amounts a bit for the siphon size and here i am, fully chilled soda poured in my big mug.

i think if i make this again that i will add more sugar. or use honey. the sweetness level is a bit low for me. this is a very licorice heavy root beer. that surprises me a bit. i expected the most generic of extracts to be pretty generic in taste also. but it is not really at all. beyond the licorice it is a decent soda. not amazing, but not bad at all. i suppose if i made this with yeast it would be even more old fashioned and old time flavor. as it is, i would say it is reasonably so. i could see cowboys drinking this. or grandpas making it in the basement

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: extract
Available: online, everywhere

Obtained in: mailorder
Head: None Sweetener: none
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: natural and imitation flavors, caramel color, gum acacia, water, citric and ascorbic acid, natural quillaia extract. preserved with sorbic & sodium benzoate.

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