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Big E Root Beer

it is always tricky to get draft root beers through the mail. one issue is freshness, many don’t have preservatives of any sort so they may not transport well. another issue is carbonation level. when you put it in a different container, it is very difficult to capture the head and original carbonation level. the third issue is cleanness, which ties into issue #1, but is more to do with sanitation of the bottle or container. Eric offered to send me a draft soda or two that he had access to as he has so many good ones so close to him. of course i accepted the offer and this is what he was able to get me, on tap at the Root Beer Store (who really need an East Coast branch, hint, hint). i will trust that he fully sanitized the bottle and sent it quickly so that is issues 1 & 3. issue 2 is definitely there. there is no head at all and carbonation in general is quite low. later, after i write this i will check out his review and assume my bottle should have had the same levels in those areas as he always so carefully outlines.
the flavor is pretty wintergreen, more than i would have expected. as i enjoy that taste, i approve! the sweetness level is solid too, it does not take over, yet it is sweet enough. i will guess it is cane sugar sweetened, it does not have the syrupiness of corn sweetener or the unique taste of honey or brown sugar. this soda makes me ponder the difference between birch beer and root beer. it does not have the lightness of a birch beer, even a brown birch though so i would not put it into that camp. yet it almost seems a fine line when wintergreen is involved. there are other, more root beer specific flavors, a sharper, herbal taste, perhaps clove or a bit of licorice or anise. there is definitely a root beer barrel candy out there that tastes just like this one. i am sure there are sodas much like this out there also but none spring to mind right away. i like it. it does not exactly innovate but i am sure it would compliment many a dinner very well. and i know i’d like to have a big mug of this to sip on and enjoy while i enjoy some baseball or something. well done Big E.

Anthony’s Rating: 90
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: On Tap
Available: WA

Obtained in: trade with Eric
Head: Medium Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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  1. No photo? Why didn’t you take a picture of the little pint growler. Don’t worry, I had properly washed the growler before I sent it to you.

  2. well, the pint growler was the growler that I sent you that that Amish Root Beer was in, so it is not representative of a product sold by the brewery themselves. If they sell growlers themselves, then I take a photo, otherwise I don’t. Thanks again Eric!

  3. That makes sense.

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