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Blue Sky Zero Root Beer

I anticipate this being awful. Is that so bad to go into this with low hopes? I figure it may be even better for the drink if i expect it to be bad and it turns out to be ok. so i will stick with that thought.
now i am not quiet sure what this is supposed to be called. the website seems to call it Zero Creamy Root Beer within the Blue Sky Free line. or something like that. plus they changed the can since i bought mine, now it says ‘Free’ instead of ‘Zero’ and ‘Zero Calorie’ replaces ‘Stevia Soda’ as the large font item. no matter, same thing inside the can i gather.
for a few seconds this is not bad at all, even decent. but then the diet kicks in and it is just awful. Stevia and erythritol may be natural and better for you than the other stuff but they still taste horrible. so maybe if you drink this pretty quickly, taking a new gulp every 2 or 3 seconds so that you delay that terrible later/after taste as long as possible. for the start it is indeed sort of creamy, a traditional root beer taste with a little bit of a bitter edge to it that does wreck it some what. strangely, that bitter taste fades away for about 3 seconds, apparently to recharge and get his big brother, as then it comes back even worse and adds a metallic taste for fun and extra awful. i don’t know if it’s worse that it starts off ok and then crushingly is bad or what. it gets your hopes up a little before dashing them with an “of course i taste bad, i’m diet!”

Anthony’s Rating: 28
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Diet Root Beer Comes In: 12 oz can
Available: everywhere

Obtained in: store in Richmond, VA
Head: Small Sweetener: stevia, erythritol
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: triple filtered carbonated water, erythritol, natural flavors (french sweet birch oil, tahitian vanilla), caramel color, stevia leaf extract, citric acid

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  1. Karen says:

    When people tell me that stevia is a plant, I usually reply that poison ivy is, too. HORRIBLE stuff and to add insult to injury, it gives me a headache.

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