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Dr. J. Fogworth’s Root Beer

so the mighty Doc emailed me one day. he had a problem. this other Doc, going by the name of “J. Fogworth” had sent him some root beer. but Eric does not besmirch his pallet with root beers from plastic or aluminum containers. as i do not care of the carrier for the beverage, i agreed to take a bottle off his hand before they melted from shame or someone saw him, which ever came first. i had heard about Doc Fog, as i like to call him, but did not think i would ever get some of his drink, er, excuse me, “tonic” and/or “elixer.” you see, he/they make this stuff for fairs and re-enactments and they like, mainly in the midwest. they sell re-fillable containers or you can bring one of them back to get a refill in future years. it surprises me that they even sell plastic actually. but if you are sending samples out, plastic weighs much less than glass which means less postage cost.
no where on here do they say this is a root beer, but i say it is. they call it “A Flavored Drink” though, as well as an “Indian Tonic & Elixer.” they have a fine line art drawing of a Native American in a big headdress along with some flowery border stuff on the yellow label which proclaims this bottled by Little John Enterprises.
the flavor here reminds me a lot of Bud’s Homemade Root Beer which is exactly the same sort of business, selling and refilling bottles at events. it is basically uncarbonated also. there was a slight release of air when i opened it but nothing in the actual drink. that is fine but not ideal. i like at least some fizz in my drinks. except milk, fizzy milk is wrong. so yeah, very sweet, i might say too much, which is saying something coming from me who loves sweet stuff. it also has an herbal feel under all that sugar, but not too exciting of one. it is almost a generic microbrew root beer taste, perhaps like Weinhards gone flat to which was added double sugar. it actually isn’t bad, i like Weinhards, and i like sugar, but i hoped for something more historical tasting and seriously herbal and tangy or something. i did not get that.

Anthony’s Rating: 81
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle, 20 oz plastic bottle, On Tap
Available: MO

Obtained in: trade with Eric
Head: Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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  1. The story is actually sadder than you portray. A random fan of mine saw it at an event, asked if I wanted some, and I said yes. I thought he knew I only did glass bottles. He refused to take anything in return and didn’t put his address on the packaging so I couldn’t even send him some other brews along. I couldn’t even review what he sent. A tragedy indeed is the entire affair.

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