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Frankenmuth Brewery Frankie’s Root Bier

this was a very elusive soda also! i just don’t like knowing there is a root beer out there and i can’t get it. especially when it goes on for a while. one never knows when a soda will stop being made and just disappear. luckily Brad came through and got me a bottle. hooray!
i like the graphic design here, with a dachshund and a shadowy guy drinking a stein of something with a gold, red, black and orange color scheme. the back has a tale about how the brewery used to bred Dachshunds also but made a root beer in order to bride some kid to take care of them as they got sick of doing it. seems pretty bogus to me but who knows?
this one is made with beet sugar, which i have enjoyed before. now whether or not it imparts a different taste than cane sugar i have no idea, i will leave that to others to decide. so i hope for this one to be tasty also.
oh wow, it really is not good. ick. it is bitter and sharp and just not yummy. the vanilla is kind of there in the background if i think about it a lot but on the whole it is not smooth or creamy or anything close to such things. this may be one of the worst glass bottled root beers i have had. i feel bad for the kid who took this as a bribe to take care of the dogs. he certainly got the short end of that stick. it is possible i got a bad bottle so if i do find this again i will try it but it doesn’t seem rancid or spoiled. and the carbonation is very much there so the cap was not loose or anything like that. sadness prevails. i will chalk this up to it being a “root bier” instead of a “root beer” as that helps me sleep better at night. not so much a help to my daytime napping though i must admit. alas.

Anthony’s Rating: 45
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: MI

Obtained in: trade with Brad
Head: Sweetener: beet sugar
Calories: 119 Sodium: 4mg
Carbs: 31g Sugar: 29g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated water, michigan beet sugar, pure vanilla, natural and artificial flavors, malto-dextrin, propylene glycol

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  1. Karen says:

    LOL even before I read the ingredient list, I knew the beet sugar was there because it’s a Michigan product. Too bad it wasn’t good. Being a native (albeit former) Michigander, I had high hopes for this one, especially since the vanilla is natural. :`(( I have happy childhood memories of mediocre Frankenmuth fried chicken dinners. I suppose we stopped making the trek because the ‘rents decided the quality of the meal didn’t merit the road trip.

  2. I was also born and raised in Michigan and spent lots of time as a kid here in frankenmuth, they had a great candy store when I was a kid.

    I went back here to visit and found a brewery and asked about root beer, bought some and thought it was ok. I think I liked it slightly better than you and gave it a 55.

    If you looking for hard to find almost rare root beers, have you ever heard of torpedo juice?

    It is a root beer sold only at one place in Wisc, and I found it when I was passing through headed back to michigan. Here is a link to the info on this.

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