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BJ’s Brewhouse Root Beer

My third stop on the whirlwind root beer tour of March 2014! this restaurant was in the bottom of a strange vertical mall type deal it seemed to me. I stepped up to the bar and ordered a growler to go, the bartender lady misheard me and poured a mug for me. I then said a growler and she got a little surly and was all “well, i already poured this, you may as well have it too!” which was very kind in the end. i think she felt bad as she was very nice after that. i left a big tip as i felt bad as well although the mistake was hers, but i doubt many people get growlers of root beer in general. so for this one soda i did experience it both ways.
this is one creamy caramel-y soda! whoa! very very sweet and almost heavy. but i like that. it is one of the better brewery root beers from this trip for sure. yes, it does not go too wild in its flavor profile, no one will be shocked that this is what they call ‘root beer’ but they do expand it a tad by upping the caramel flavor and the creaminess. i did not expect this one to be that great but it worked out to be quite tasty. not top shelf good, but for a pretty standard root beer, it works.

Anthony’s Rating: 71
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: On Tap
Available: AZ, CA, CO, FL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MD, NV, NM, OH, OK, OR, TX, VA, WA

Obtained in: at restaurant
Head: Tiny Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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  1. is says:

    I had this root beer a few years ago, and I was not impressed with it. Basically it had a gross bitter flavor to it that really reminded me of the Death Valley root beer. It almost tasted like they were cousins or something, because I do not like that rubbery/bitter flavor in it. I think I will try their root beer again, and I do think I remember it having a deep carmel flavor as you described. Just, do they provide you the growler?? Oh, and I gave this root beer a 65.

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