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Happy Camp’r Root Beer

they proclaim “The best root beer grandpa’s ever had!” which i suppose is intended as meaning it has a classic, old fashioned taste. my grandpa worked for the Crush company (makers of Orange Crush, Grape Crush and Root Beer Crush as well) for some time so even if that claim were true, I’m not sure he’s agree. but then again i have no idea of the circumstances around his leaving that job and he passed away when i was one year old so it will be a tale lost to history. i do like the simplicity and homemade appearance of the label though. they also say on the side it is homemade and not subject to state inspection. now i don’t know if that is an attempt to avoid having the state inspect their production facilities and label it with nutritional info and all of that stuff or something else entirely. i also don’t really think it would protect them much from the law if it came down to it. they also do not list water in their ingredients but i assume it should be the first thing. i’ll admit i am a bit leery of any soda made with extract but they did add to it so perhaps it is actually super good.
i’m not sure i’d classify this as too old fashioned once i taste it. hhhmmm, well perhaps. it is not very sweet despite the three kinds of sweeteners involved. i also don’t really taste the vanilla, Mexican or otherwise. it is rather bitter and a bit herbal with a good dose of licorice which come to think of it, is pretty much how old tyme root beers are. alright, fair enough. unlike a few of the sodas i’ve had in this style that were quite good, this comes off as not as yummy. there is very little carbonation in either bottle i tried, which isn’t a terrible thing on its own but it isn’t a plus either. it comes across as rather dull. nothing makes it stand out. it is still better than many but i’m sure it is not as good as many my grandpa had. or me.

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: MN

Obtained in: order from company
Head: Small Sweetener: cane sugar, brown sugar, maltodextrin
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: extract, 100% pure cane sugar, brown sugar, maltodextrin, real Mexican vanilla

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