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Castle Beverages Birch Beer

I was a little bit sad about this beverage. it is one i have been after for a while, they are based less then three hours from me but I had never really headed in that direction for sodas. they were really one of those old time bottlers, bottling in gorgeous glass bottles for many years. yet fairly recently they stopped bottling at all and just sold the syrup to local businesses. so i called them up to see where i could find some birch beer in their area. they were extremely helpful, definitely one of the nicest companies i have ever dealt with. They directed me to a restaurant called “Daveluy’s” in Watertown, CT who served their birch beer on tap. I had no idea what to expect as i drove through the streets of Watertown. I assumed it was a steak house perhaps or something sort of fancy, but i was wrong. it was a bar restaurant. a nice bar in a very 70s sort of way. lots of wood paneling and heavy light wood furniture i believe. there is nothing wrong with any of that. i stepped up to the bar and ordered a cup to go, no ice.
i wanted to like this. i wanted to fully support them and say how amazing it is, perhaps causing a massive run on their sodas, forcing them to bottle again. but i can’t. maybe it was just the fountain mix that day or something but it was just not good. and i love white birch beer. it was much too sweet with much too little else going on. carbonation was pretty well and the wintergreen taste i love so much was barely there at all. it is just not flavorful beyond the sugar. i hope to try it again one day and hopefully revise this ranking

Anthony’s Rating: 42
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: White Birch Beer Comes In: fountain
Available: CT

Obtained in: at Daveluy’s, Watertown,CT
Head: Small Sweetener: unknown
Caffeine: No

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