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Zia Root Beer – old

the persistent and ever driven Sagi found this brand on a trip through New Mexico. they claim it is nano-brewed, which i don’t think i’ve ever heard of and which i definitely can’t define. i especially don’t know if that is smaller than batch brewed or if there are nano particles in here or something. i venture to guess they just mean they don’t make a lot at once. they donate a portion of their proceeds to a local native american tribe and sustainability projects, which is quite rad. and also a change of pace from all the companies giving money to tigers and whales and the like.
there are some very promising ingredients here, this could be a very delightful beverage if it all comes together well.
it does indeed come together well! it has a very complex and ever changing flavor. you are first hit with the vanilla and clove i believe which then fades to reveal the malt a little bit before the licorice and anise slides in, subtly to linger on your tongue for a while. it is quite an enjoyable and unusual beverage. they pulled this off. it does not quite get to the real upper echelon, although I am not sure just what would get them there, this is tasty and unique. something intangible i suppose is needed.

Anthony’s Rating: 94
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: NM

Obtained in: trade with Sagi
Head: Large Sweetener: cane sugar
Calories: 148 Sodium: 0mg
Carbs: 39g Sugar: 39g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: filtered and carbonated water, cane sugar, natural root beer flavor (anise, licorice, clove, mint), roasted barley malt, yucca root, madagascar bourbon vanilla, citric acid

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