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Sapp Organic Birch Tree Water

I saw this and the other flavors this company offers at my local supermarket and it caused quite the questioning of my site review guidelines for me. just what makes something a ‘birch beer’ or ‘root beer’? saying it on the package? what it is made from? if the latter, what exactly makes it so? a beverage made with (real or simulated) parts of a tree as flavoring seems the most simple and what i have mostly stuck to over the years. granted i have reviewed a couple that probably don’t fall in that area. i say ‘tree’ instead of ‘plant’ since then i’d be opening it up to ginger drinks and they are definitely a whole other genre to me. is carbonation needed? i’ve had a few things that were definitely root beer that were not carbonated. so i say ‘no’ to that requirement. i should probably make this a bonus review on an off day but i’ll probably shove it in the normal schedule.
i think this drink is supposed to be ultra-hydrating, like coconut water or the like. it has lots of Manganese but i have no idea how useful that actually is. i suppose that is what people say is so wonderful about kale. it is not carbonated at all and has just 2 ingredients. so is it any good? well, not really no. it does not taste anything like birch beer or really any drink i have ever had. i do not mean that in a good way either. this is not like kombucha bad but it is not tasty at all. it basically tastes like chewing on a stick in liquid form.

Anthony’s Rating: 20
User’s Rating: 0
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Type: Other Comes In: 10oz glass bottle
Available: everywhere

Obtained in: Shoprite, Bound Brook, NJ
Head: None Sweetener: none
Calories: 10 Sodium: 0mg
Carbs: 3g Sugar: 3g
Caffeine: No
Website: http://www.sapplife.co/

Ingredients: organic birch sap (99.9%), citric acid

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