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Foodhold Diet Root Beer

i suppose it is only fair that when a company makes a line of glass bottled gourmet sodas, they include a diet version of some of them as well. although it seems strange that diet soda is “brewed in small batches” i suppose it is possible. ‘brewing’ and ‘diet soda’ seem like opposite ends of the good stuff spectrum. in any case, it is great that they decided to make this for all of the diet soda drinkers, even if diet soda is an awful thing in general.
for a diet soda this is… wait for it… wait for it… kind of ok. for a regular soda is is terrible so it is all relative. it is metallic and just doesn’t taste good at all. it is slightly recognizable as a root beer, but barely. i really must admit i do not understand the appeal of diet sodas in general. sure, they have no calories, but they usually have artificial sweeteners that are potentially horrible for you and they don’t taste good. i understand the options are often limited but even water is better. or those flavor drops with stevia if you need the taste of something. perhaps i don’t understand the plight of those who can only drink diet beverages though.

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Type: Diet Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: CT, ID, IL, ME, MA, NH, NJ, NY, RI

Obtained in: Stop & Shop in Somerset, NJ
Head: Medium Sweetener: sucralose/splenda
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: sparkling water, sucralose, natural flavors, citric acid, caramel color

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