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Red Rock Premium Root Beer

I always love getting root beers sent to me for review! this time though it was not by the company itself, but by beverages direct who just wanted a write up for themselves. I of course will have to be honest so hopefully this thing is tasty. now, when you claim ‘Since 1885’ that sounds like you have been making this (or something) since 1885. upon investigation it seems they have indeed been making something, but mostly in the Dominican Republic, which is high unusual and random, but ok, great for them. recently though they decided to bring it back to their roots and make it in the United States again. they were after all one of the biggest distributors and soda makers in the country for a while there. Babe Ruth even hawked their wares at their height.
luckily I do like this. it has a nice caramel taste to it that slowly builds up and leaves my tongue happy. they got all of the ratios right on the drink. carbonation is on point, not too stabby or overpowering of the actual flavor but adding to the appeal. the flavor isn’t so out in left field or adventurous yet that is fine when you add to the expected norm just a little bit and that tweak enhances the expectation. it is quite smooth so could go down well with a meal or be enjoyed on its own. although it is a rather sweet root beer, it is also hearty and substantial enough to not be overwhelmed by that fact. i am often skeptical of root beer calling themselves ‘premium’ but it applies here, if you know someone who likes root beer but wants to try something a couple steps up but on the same staircase, this is something for them.

Anthony’s Rating: 90
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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: Obtained in: sent by beverages direct
Head: Medium Sweetener: cane sugar
Caffeine: No

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