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Frostop Premium Root Beer

I am not sure how much this in fact changed, as I did not write down the actual ingredients when I first reviewed this many years ago. it is definitely different than the imperial version that I reviewed more recently. I do know it has cane sugar now instead of corn syrup so that by itself is enough for me to check it out again. looking back at that older review I always intended to review the Frostop draft root beer available at the restaurants as different and separate from the bottled version but I never did do that. and at this point, 15 years later, I would be quite hard pressed to find the notes and photos I took when I was at the location in New Orleans. alas. I guess I will have to return one day and try it again.
this is definitely the first root beer, or drink in general I have had that has less carbs than it has sugar. I am assuming that is a misprint on the label as it is kind of impossible, but hey, one never knows what sort of magic they can work these days.
I find this rather yummy. I don’t recall the old one being so good. is it very smooth with a solid vanilla base that is built upon by a nice rooty flavor. the carbonation hits just right too. they don’t take chances here but for the old time, classic, historic brands I think this one really gets it most correct. “it” of course being what I think makes a good root beer. you know, I may not have ever has this in glass, only the large plastic bottles, which may make a difference. or maybe they actually did change the recipe? this is a drink i would have more.

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Type: Root Beer Comes In: 12oz glass bottle
Available: AR, CA, ID, MI, MN, NV, OH, OR, WA, WV, WI

Obtained in: Rocket Fizz
Head: Medium Sweetener: cane sugar
Calories: 165 Sodium: 37mg
Carbs: 37g Sugar: 48g
Caffeine: No

Ingredients: carbonated water, cane sugar, caramel color, natural and artificial flavors, phosphoric acid and sodium benzoate to preserve freshness

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